This is the website of Dennis van Driel.

A truly all-round engineer.

I support people and companies that want to realise their creative project. My focus is audiovisual solutions.

I have almost 20 years of experience in the audiovisual industry.

Please contact me to see what I can do for you and your production.

Sound Reinforcement

In 2000 I started to work as a freelance soundenigneer under the name ‘PUUR Geluidstechniek’ wich translates to ‘PURE Sound reinforcement’. My clients were national and international and included bands, rental companies, ballets, producers of dinner shows, standup comedians and man many more (The Scene, Focus Showequipment, Wentink Events, Ampco, The Umbilical Brothers, Hans Dorrestijn, Scapino Ballet) Working for them I expanded my experience and I’m still learning.

The company name ‘PURE Sound reinforcement’ holds my vision on sound reinforcement; my goal is to reinforce the sound from the stage as original as possible, so it represents the original performance on the stage. And this ‘pure’ comes back in my actions, ; I am practical, problem-solving, helpful and customer-oriented.

In my years of experience as a sound engineer, I have also immersed myself in other disciplines; light, video, production. It became increasingly clear to me that good coöperation between all disciplines leads to the most beautiful productions.

It’s part of my character to make sure that other people are enjoying themselves and can perform to their best ability. That’s why I love to support people in performing, so my focus has shifting over time to the technical production side of my profession to make other people ‘shine’. Technical production includes both preparation and execution.

Technical Event Production

Over the years of working as a sound-engineer I developed my skills in different disciplines; lights, video, production. It became more ad more apparent to me that a smooth collaboration of all these disciplines are the key to creating the most beautiful productions.

It’s in my nature to help people and creating an environment to make perform at the top of their game. This made my focus on jobs slowly shift to technical production, in preparation and implementation.


Next to work I have another big passion; driving my motorcycle.

For me it’s the ideal way of relaxing after all my hard work. But of course it’s impossible for me not to integrate some of my work-experience in my Hobby.

Follow my vlogs to see my adventures